Education and training with an impact

About OEP


Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) is the international commercial arm of four Finnish organizations. Our shareholders are Finnish non-profit organizations focusing on quality education and humanitarian assistance.

Our expertise builds world-class Finnish education and training solutions which we have modified to ensure a good fit for our international public and private sector customers.

Our diploma programs are accredited by the Finnish National Agency for Education, which means they are recognized globally.

Cornerstones of quality and impact

  • Finnish education and training standards
  • Programs accredited by the Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Competency-based training and assessment
  • Localization of content
  • Finnish interactive training methodology
  • A holistic approach to learning, blending content and soft skills

OEP memberships

  • Finland Chamber of Commerce
  • Confederation of Finnish Industries
  • Education Finland steering group

OEP’s shareholders