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OEP delivering a follow-up service for the European Training Foundation (ETF)

OEP delivering a follow-up service for the European Training Foundation (ETF)

OEP is delivering a follow-up service to the baseline study finalized in 2020. The 2021 – 2023 activities will focus on the continuation of thematic area “CoVEs Autonomy and  forging Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for VET skills development”. The general purpose is to build on the findings of the baseline study and other activities such as blogs, policy briefing, ETF Network of...

Omnia Education Partnerships contributes to the VET reform in Ukraine

Omnia Education Partnerships contributes to the VET reform in Ukraine

OEP collaborates with the Finnish National Agency for Education in the Program EU4Skills – Modernization of Ukrainian TVET. EU4Skills is a multi-donor technical assistance project, where OEP is the key player in developing new curricula and training VET school teachers and managers. OEP work together wit Finnish partners, Omnia the Joint Authority in Espoo, Tampere Vocational College Tredu and...

Teacher as an Innovator in India

Teacher as an Innovator in India

In 2019 OEP and Mahattattva organized the Finnish professional development program Teacher as an Innovator in Delhi. The program focuses on empowering teachers and school leaders as every day innovators within their own learning communities. Between three locally run workshops, participants carried out benchmarking activities and planned and piloted a development project in their own...

Entrepreneurship training for Saudi youth

Entrepreneurship training for Saudi youth

OEP has partnered with Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority Monsha’at and Saudi Ministry of Education to offer seven Saudi high schools the opportunity to pilot entrepreneurship training. The collaboration includes curriculum development, teacher training, supported implementation of the modules in schools and course material tailored to the Saudi market. The selected students are...

Sparking dialog on education in Palestine

Sparking dialog on education in Palestine

OEP partnered with Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation (HQSF) for change within the Palestinian education ecosystem. The program – Khutwa, Sparking Dialogue on Education– aims at national dialog around education bringing all stakeholders to work for a shared vision about the Palestinian education system. Program included Study visit to Finland and workshops in Palestine among relevant...

Personally this diploma is a great achievement. People have preconceptions about refugees, and it is not easy to earn a living in a foreign country. Now I can apply to further education and work on my business ideas.

To build a successful company, young competent people are needed. This kind of a professional program has huge value. The holding company has a very good partner in OEP.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how teachers from different backgrounds could relate to each other, hold meaningful discussions and enjoy some great learning together!

To see the world of entrepreneurs in a different and realistic way, which gave me lots of new knowledge, experience, challenges.

I am really enjoying the program, and the skills I have gained will help me progress in my professional life and add a slight competitive edge in a competitive world.

It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The facilitator brought in a lot of positivity. The sessions were informative and enriching.

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