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We transform Finnish education and training best practice into global next practice for public and private sector customers. Our goal is to provide tangible change for individuals and organizations.

Entrepreneurship training

Finland is a leading country in education, entrepreneurship and innovation. 98% of Finnish companies are SME’s and therefore we take the training of entrepreneurs seriously. The Finnish diploma program for entrepreneurs has contributed to the success of Finnish startups for over 20 years.

We support developing thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems by offering programs focusing on:

  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Setting up a business 
  • Growing an existing business

All tracks are recognized by the Finnish National Agency for Education and lead to competency-based diplomas.

Corporate training

OEP’s corporate training programs take business operations to the next level. Our programs support tackling the day-to-day challenges of the employees in the rapidly changing business environment.

We offer onboarding programs for new professionals as well as upskilling programs and career track boosters for experienced supervisors, industry professionals and managers.

In corporate training programs you learn what you need

Our in-company training programs, courses and professional qualification programs are tailored to both the company and individual needs. Learning is based on the present and future job requirements ensuring long-term competence.

Developing new skills at work

The corporate training programs bring learning to the workplace. All programs are part-time as goal-oriented work-based learning and hands-on projects are a part of the learning journey. The programs blend workshops, online learning and food for thought material.

Professional development

The professional development programs support teachers, principals and other education sector staff in creating an environment that promotes learning for life. More than content and methodology, the programs are about understanding the elements and mindset that make Finnish education best in the world.

To support you in developing next practice, our professional development programs showcase what we be believe are core elements of all successful education systems.

We partner with the University of Helsinki Continuing Education HY+ and the internationally recognized schools of the City of Espoo to ensure the necessary expertise is at your disposal also for large-scale projects.

Ongoing professional development in Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education has selected OEP as the training organization for international VET experts.

Digital innovation

Finland is a global leader in digitalization and home to companies such as Rovio, Supercell and Remedy, top names in the game industry, with an array of edtech and games startups in the making.

How did all this happen? In the Finnish education system, digital solutions are a part of the learning environment, with games and immersive virtual environments making learning more engaging. The importance of digital skills is acknowledged in all levels of curricula. To support digital innovations around the world, we offer selected Finnish diploma programs globally.

  • XR training solutions
  • Online learning innovation
  • Digital innovation for teachers
  • Game industry career training

TVET reform

OEP’s education reform projects support public and private education providers in building education ecosystems. In our projects, we draw on the best practices of the tried and tested Finnish models. By bringing all stakeholders together, we work for the same goal: educating for both life and work.

Our toolbox for building and renewing the education ecosystem includes:

    • TVET policy work
    • Implementing 21st century skills in practice
    • Reforming the education continuum from K-12 to lifelong learning
    • Community and stakeholder relationships & Professional development
    • Cooperation with companies and industry sectors
    • Curriculum development & Qualification framework development

    “I did all my project according to the materials that we learned at the program. And I already sold the idea to investors. So, assignments, our webinars and all the materials given in Thinkific helped me to think more about the details and view project from different angles and different perspective. I would be happy to be involved in other online courses, because it will give me more information, different ideas and experience.”

    “The training allowed me to rediscover myself as an innovative teacher; it helped me to leave my comfort zone and break some of the limits that were obstacles more than facilitators.”

    “The training widened my way how to seek opportunities and I learned that the most neglected areas could be the ones with greatest opportunities.”

    “The program helped me in how to plan well, manage time, and demonstrate the importance of cooperation with local community institutions in supporting the educational process and pushing it forward.”

    “Personally this diploma is a great achievement. People have preconceptions about refugees, and it is not easy to earn a living in a foreign country. Now I can apply to further education and work on my business ideas.”

    “To build a successful company, young competent people are needed. This kind of a professional program has huge value. The holding company has a very good partner in OEP.”

    “I was pleasantly surprised to see how teachers from different backgrounds could relate to each other, hold meaningful discussions and enjoy some great learning together!”

    “To see the world of entrepreneurs in a different and realistic way, which gave me lots of new knowledge, experience, challenges.”

    “I am really enjoying the program, and the skills I have gained will help me progress in my professional life and add a slight competitive edge in a competitive world.”

    “It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The facilitator brought in a lot of positivity. The sessions were informative and enriching.”

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