Omnia Education Partnerships has developed a blueprint for Vocational Excellence.
Excellence is at the heart of developing the quality and image of vocational education and training. In TVET context, excellence is understood in a variety of ways (ETF, 2021). Therefore, a reference point – an excellence model is required for further identification and meaningful dissemination of good practices.
Based on our previous research and consultancy work within the Finnish TVET ecosystem and as a technical partner to the European Training Foundation, we have developed a model for excellence.
Our model includes the horizontal layers (infrastructure, human resources, pedagogical landscape, systems and processes and stakeholder collaboration) laced with vertical “megatrend” dimensions of excellence: innovation, greening and digitalization. While horizontal layers can typically be developed on a stand-alone basis, the verticals tend to impact all the horizontal layers.
By recognizing the importance of ongoing change and innovation, and by embracing megatrends as permeating concepts throughout all the building blocks, VET excellence model reflects the demands of the modern world of work.
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More information also here ( news article)

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