Finland tops in happiness, innovation, human capital, education and entrepreneurship

Why Finnish TVET?

Finnish competency-based TVET as well as professional training are the best in the world.  Learn what the secrets are behind Finnish TVET and why Finland ranks high in so many international studies.

High quality of TVET is based on legislation

Legislation forms the backbone of the high quality of education in Finland. It sets qualification for teaching: all teachers have a university-level degree with work experience. The legislation also defines regional development and learners’ rights.

No dead ends

In Finland, TVET opens a path to higher education and to working life. Professional diploma programs support private sector growth and provide the local employers with competent work force.

Competency-based and standardized curricula

The curricula are developed and updated together with the working life. The students learn for work. The curricula allow using smart learning environments and diverse learning methods. Entrepreneurship and future skills are integrated into all programs, which supports creating self-employment opportunities and SMEs.

Flexible learning

Learning takes place both in school and workplace. All learners have a personal competence development plan outlining where and how learning takes place. Competency-based programs allow studying alongside work.

Continuous professional development for teachers

Teachers have the opportunity to develop their professional competence. This applies to both work-based development and digital competence.