Teacher as an Innovator

A program for teachers with a passion to develop the future of education.

Finnish teachers take pride in being lifelong learners, actively developing their own teaching and innovation skills. Based on Finnish innovation know-how, this program provides practical tools and support for introducing frugal innovation initiatives within one’s organization.

During the course, participants will be exposed to new ways of thinking and doing. They will network, receive support from other like-minded professionals, and receive a practical toolbox to help their organizations in ideating and implementing innovative initiatives.

Depending on the participants’ goals and needs, the program can be tailored to include specific themes, such as digital learning, sustainable development or entrepreneurial learning.

Successful participants will receive an official diploma accredited by the Finnish National Agency of Education.

  • Four-month online or blended learning program
  • Includes a hands-on innovation project
  • Active, project-based learning
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Optional study visit to Finland

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Module 1 – Having an Innovator’s Mindset

  • Introduction to innovation and culture of experimentation
  • Benchmarking innovative projects

Module 2 – From Ideas into Innovations

  • Identifying challenges in need of solutions
  • Defining the challenges and working out action plans

Module 3 – Turning Innovations into Practices

  • The piloting process
  • From piloting to scaling and spreading good practice

Module 4 – Displaying the Results

  • Networking
  • Displaying results
  • Creating learning communities