OEP is partnering for change within the Palestinian education ecosystem with Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation (HQSF). The program – Sparking Dialog on Education – aims at initiating a national dialogue around education and bringing all stakeholders to work for a shared vision about the Palestinian education system.

Creating a successful generation of educated youth in Palestine

The program is a part of the Khutwa initiative by HQSF – khutwa meaning a step. The program aims at creating a disruptive generation of educated, innovative and engaged youth, capable of shaping the future of Palestine. Disruptive because the solution is to change the way of thinking.

“We want to enhance the competitiveness of the Palestinian youth and give them the skills they need for the future,” says Rana Diab, HQSF Director. “Dialogue will enable us to create an education system to support it”.

Learning from the Finnish process

The program does not aim to copy the Finnish system to Palestine but seek inspiration from the dialogue around education in Finland. “We want to learn from the process Finland has gone through in creating a successful education system,” says Diab.

OEP and HQSF design the program in cooperation. Providing ready-made Finnish solutions is not the answer. “Thinking outside the Finnish context and understanding the complexities of Palestine is important. The added value that OEP provides is understanding the challenges and putting them into the context of the program,” Diab says.

After the study visit, the dialogue on education ecosystem, leadership, teachers’ role, learning environments and reform will continue in workshops in Palestine.

Ms Rana Diab, Executive Director of HQSF
Ms Rana Diab, Executive Director of HQSF

More information

Ms Rana Diab, Executive Director of HQSF, rana.diab@hq-sf.org

Ms Mervi Jansson, CEO of OEP, mervi.jansson@oep.fi