Professional Development


The professional development programs support teachers, principals and other education sector staff in creating an environment that promotes learning for life. More than content and methodology, the programs are about understanding the elements and mindset that make Finnish education best in the world.

To support you in developing next practice, our professional development programs showcase what we be believe are core elements of all successful education systems.

We partner with the University of Helsinki Continuing Education HY+ and the internationally recognized schools of the City of Espoo to ensure the necessary expertise is at your disposal also for large-scale projects.


Ongoing professional development in Finland

The Finnish National Agency for Education has selected OEP as the training organization for international VET experts.

More information in Finnish at the International VET Expert website.

Professional Development Programs

Educating Future Entrepreneurs

This course gives teachers tools and support in teaching entrepreneurship focusing on entrepreneurial competences and mindset. Participants receive a teaching […]

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Teacher as an Innovator

This course is based on the Finnish innovation know-how and gives practical tools and support in introducing frugal innovation initiatives […]

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Teacher as a Digital Innovator

Finland is a leading country in education, workforce development and digital innovation. Finnish teachers take pride in being lifelong learners, […]

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Future Leaders Course

Best practices and tools for supervising and team leading. Networking with other professionals and learning with the top trainers.

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Customer cases

Teacher as an Innovator in India

Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. (OEP) and Mahattattva have launched the Finnish professional development program Teacher as an Innovator in Delhi. […]

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Sharing good practice with Saudi Arabia through school immersion

OEP organized a three-month school immersion for 117 Saudi teachers and principals in 2017. The practical orientation took place in […]

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