The ongoing Corona virus outbreak challenges us and will continue to do so for the coming months. Given the circumstances, the OEP team wanted to reach out and support teachers in their daily efforts to continue providing students innovative, high quality learning experiences.

It is clear that the Corona virus poses great challenges also for the economy, so we decided to launch a free online course on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. Now more than ever, we are in dire need of entrepreneurial people.

Hello Future Entrepreneur, is an introductory-level course designed to meet the criteria for Finnish vocational and upper secondary curriculum. The course material works for self-study students and for-credit students. The students will follow the journey of a young entrepreneur and learn about the steps all entrepreneurs need to take in founding a company and making it operational. Many videos and pictures in the course are 360°, utilizing the ThingLink platform.

Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) is dedicated to helping learners achieve their dreams. In times of distress and disruption, we hope to offer some enjoyable moments of learning.

Stay safe and healthy!


The OEP team