OEP has launched the International VET Expert training. The six-month training deepens the expertise of Finnish education professionals in working in different cultural context. The training  develops the participants’ competence in pedagogics, work-based learning and assessment. Each participant will also draft a VET or professional diploma program plan for a country outside EU and EEA during the training.

International VET Expert training supports transferring Finnish education to the local setting

Phenomenon-based learning, on-the-job learning, competence demonstration and assessment are important building blocks of Finnish vocational and professional programs. Giving and receiving feedback is also essential in order to achieve the learning targets.

“Finnish diploma programs offer relevant competence to local needs. We want the make the characteristics and benefits of the Finnish diploma program process comprehensible.  Different operating environments require opening the targets, methods and roles in a training program clearly. It is important to share the understanding of what kind of  competence learners achieve through our programs and what it means in practice,“ says Mervi Jansson, CEO of OEP.

The International VET Expert program is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.