In Finland we believe firmly that well-being and education are strongly linked: there cannot be one without the other. This is why on February 1-2, during the Expo Dubai theme week of Health and wellness, the Education Finland cluster offers two further days of inspiring presentations on education.

The first day looks at the elements that further well-being in education. The second one turns the focus on continuous learning, and on acquiring and updating skills that are needed in the world of work. Sessions are presented by front-row experts from Finnish education organisations.

The event is fully virtual and streamed live on an online platform so that participants can safely join in. The platform also enables interaction with the participating Finnish experts. We look forward to a lively exchange of ideas!

During the event there is a possibility to meet us at the virtual coffee lounges. See the program below for “Meet&Greet” and “Networking” slots. It is also possible to book one-on-one meetings with us on our company profile after registering to the event. For booking the one-on-one meetings, please choose Omnia Education Partnerships under the “Meet the Organizations” link.

To participate in the VIP days, please register by January 30 2022 at:

For more information:



Please have a look at the programme outline below.

Notice that the program is in Dubai time (Helsinki: -2h)