OEP is delivering a follow-up service to the baseline study finalized in 2020. The 2021 – 2023 activities will focus on the continuation of thematic area “CoVEs Autonomy and  forging Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for VET skills development”.

The general purpose is to build on the findings of the baseline study and other activities such as blogs, policy briefing, ETF Network of Excellence (ENE) conference findings etc, – developed in 2020-2021, for exploring in more detail selected key aspects and implementing an activities plan tailored to the identified practices. The overall scope of this activities plan is to harmonize current identified practices in the ETF Partner Countries with the two EU models  proposed in the study: Finland and the Netherlands. Some other international partners will also be identified and engaged as part of the process, whilst benefiting ENE membership.

Key objectives of the project

  1. Conducting practical learning sessions and study visits among ENE members to facilitate knowledge co-creation, implementation processes and exchange of practices, using Autonomy and PPPs as the key thematic entry points.
  2. Digging deeper on current findings of ENE actions in the thematic areas of Autonomy and  PPPs through the development of a study. This study will apply a qualitative methodology  grasping working processes and key practices of CoVEs, to support new learning environments within ENE.
  3.  Internationalisation of the platform. Bringing international partners from the Human  Capital Development arena to ENE. Through their inputs and in consultation with internal ETF expertise and key stakeholders, putting in place criteria and identifying potential centres for a “ENE label”, in the field of  Autonomy and PPP.


The project is carried out in cooperation with the European Training Foundation as a part of the ETF Network of Excellence initiative to build vocational excellence. 


ETF Network of Excellence, a follow-up study, 2023: Centers of Vocational Excellence – Working processes and key practices of CoVEs for advancing autonomy and public-private partnerships

ETF Network of Excellence, a baseline study, 2021: Autonomy in forging public-private partnerships in vocational education and skills development