Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. (OEP) – the international commercial arm of four Finnish education expert organizations – takes the next step in exporting Finnish education solutions. The company is a joint venture of  FCA; Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management; Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region; and Savo Consortium for Education.

Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. responds to the increasing global need for supporting lifelong learning. The company offers consultancy services, teacher professional development and career and vocational training including qualifications.

Career education and training is an excellent opportunity to develop effective and high quality operating models for vocational education. Training adults is as important as training youth. Without this there are no lifelong careers.

–Sampo Suihko, Chairman of the board of OEP–

Expertise in developing education

OEP builds on the strong competence of its owner organizations. Omnia, Savo Consortium for Education and the Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management are each potent regional development and education centers with extensive international experience. FCA is the leading humanitarian organization in Finland and the founding member of ACT Alliance with a large network in the developing countries. By combining the resources and the competence, OEP offers new scalable education solutions as well as partnership to develop education globally.

Networks are the key in education export. The four owners’ expertise complements each other thus giving a good boost to our education exporting efforts. However, our international partners are essential in localization and scalability.

–Mervi Jansson, CEO of OEP–

Global operation

At this phase, the target countries are the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, African countries and China.  Omnia and the Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management have a permission granted by the Finnish National Agency for Education to export Finnish competence-based vocational qualifications to countries outside EU and EEA. The goal of education export is to support the target countries in creating new jobs by offering qualifications in, for example, entrepreneurship, management and tourism industry.