On Monday the 19th of December the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine launched the EU4Skills training platform including the first short courses and modules, created by Omnia Education Partnerships together with the Finnish Consortium, to support the rebuilding of Ukraine. 

The platform is a combination of short courses for reskilling and upskilling, available for VET teachers and students alongside with any Ukrainian interested, as well as an online training program providing professional competence development for Ukrainian VET school managers.

Short courses:

The short courses provide free high-quality competence development training in various fields, for example, social and healthcare work, construction, IT, and entrepreneurship, and focus on skills for which there is currently a pressing need in Ukraine. The online short courses provide engaging and informative learning paths consisting of self-study material such as video lessons, theoretical content, as well as interactive and individual assignments, and lead to a certificate issued by OEP upon completion of each course. 

Drawing from Finnish excellence in education, the courses are aimed at reskilling the workforce for the needs of reconstruction, and are available to vocational education teachers and students, as well as other Ukrainians interested in reskilling and upskilling themselves. Courses can also be integrated with educational programs on specific occupations, when applicable.

The platform includes 20 short courses in total, out of which 6 first will be launched now, and the rest at the beginning of 2023:

1. First Aid
2. Working with children in crisis
3. Working with families to support well-being
4. Working at a construction site
5. Physical information security, and
6. Information networks

7. Construction drawings and instructions
8. Assisting in electric installations
9. Construction and circular economy
10. Digital competence for work: creating digital content
11. Digital competence for work: data and security
12. Digital competence for work: information and communication
13. The 21st century skills for entrepreneurship and working life
14. Coming up with a business idea
15. From idea to business
16. Information network services
17. IT support
18. Physical information safety
19. Publishing system
20. Local area Networks

Please enter the EU4Skills training platform here: http://oep.fi/eu4skills. Participation in the short courses requires the registration of all participants. The registration form can be found on the main page of each course. 

EU4Skills short courses landing page

Manager program:

Alongside the short courses, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will also launch the first six modules of the VET School Manager Online Training program ‘Modern approaches to VET institution management under the European integration of Ukraine’ created by Omnia Education Partnerships together with the whole Finnish Consortium.

The key objective of the program is to introduce and practice modern European approaches to the management of VET institutions. The program consists of modules based on to the main dimensions of vocational excellence defined by the European Training Foundation (ETF). Managers understand their key role in implementing the VET reform. Modern VET-related concepts and practices are transformed into tangible action points to be implemented and measured in schools.

The program consists of 10 modules, out of which 6 first will be launched now:

  1. Greening of VET
  2. School Management Information systems
  3. Change management
  4. Leading modern VET pedagogy
  5. Human resources management
  6. Entrepreneurial VET
  7. Leadership
  8. Quality management in VET schools
  9. Education-business collaboration
  10. Competence-based VET in practice

To access the VET School Manager Online Training program, go to the EU4Skills training platform here: http://oep.fi/eu4skills, and select registration from the Manager Training main page. 

EU4Skills manager program landing page