The young professionals of ACWA Holding are well on the way of becoming future leaders.  The first module of the onboarding program “Future Leaders, ACWA Saudi Talent Program” was completed in January.

The program is based on the Finnish Qualification for First-Level Management and tailored to the needs of ACWA Holding. The first part of the program focused on the skills required in first-level manager’s work, such as leadership, communication and guiding a team.

Bridging the gap between academia and practice

Being competence-based, the qualification program aims at providing the participants with the competence they need in their actual work. It blends group work, presentations, discussion, online learning assignment and even making videos to support and demonstrate learning

“The program is good in the way it transfers academic skills into the working environment and emotional intelligence; communication, how to work in an environment and interact with other people,” says Scott McGuigan, Head of Investment of ACWA Holding. “There is a balance with what is taught and how it applied in daily work,” McGuigan adds.

The program continues with two other modules in 2018.

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Ms Mervi Jansson, CEO,