Omnia Education Partnerhips Ltd. offers a portfolio of 19 vocational, competence-based qualifications to countries outside EU and EEA.

The vocational, further and specialist qualifications are implemented in collaboration with the local companies and education providers. The curricula comply with the Finnish equivalents approved by the Finnish Ministry of Education. 

OEP’s competence-based vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications

  • Food Sciences and Food Industry
  • Metalwork and Machinery
  • Business and Administration
  • Tourism Industry
  • Construction
  • Information and Telecommunications Technology

Further qualifications

  • Hotel Receptionists
  • Intellectual Disability Services
  • Learning Support and Morning and Afternoon Club Activity Instruction at School
  • First-line Management
  • Sales
  • Child Care and Education and Family Welfare, Children’s Instructor
  • Secretarial Studies
  • Information and Telecommunications Technology
  • Entrepreneurs

Specialist qualifications

  • Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Technology
  • Product Development