After three months of intensive English language and pedagogical training, the Saudi Arabian participants of the School Immersion Program are joining schools in Espoo. The selected schools are in the forefront on training STEM subjects, applying ICT in learning, developing an entrepreneurial mindset and using diverse learning environments.

The school immersion part of the program lasts until the end of November. During the immersion, the Saudi teachers and principals will participate in the Finnish school life as active observers. Specially selected pedagogical mentors will guide them throughout the experience in the schools.

The Saudi Arabian teachers and principals will learn, for example, about the Finnish school culture, how curricula are put into practice, and planning of multidisciplinary learning. After returning to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the participants will apply the learnings in the schools they work in.

The Saudi Arabian teachers are familiar with Finland’s good PISA results. What interests people is how it has been achieved. During the professional training, we want to present the strengths of the Finnish school system as widely as possible.

– Mr Juhani Kurronen, Mentor

The program is fruitful for both parties – it reinforces also the international aspect of the Espoo schools.

Through cooperation and interaction we support the international skills and competence of both the students and the schools’ staffs and open up new perspectives in developing education.

– Mr Aulis Pitkälä, Deputy Mayor, Head of Education and Cultural Services of the City of Espoo