We support developing thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems by offering programs focusing on

All tracks are recognized by the Finnish National Agency for Education and lead to competency-based diplomas.

Why choose Finnish entrepreneurship training?

Finland is a leading country in education, entrepreneurship and innovation. 98% of Finnish companies are SME’s and therefore we take the training of entrepreneurs seriously. The Finnish diploma program for entrepreneurs has contributed to the success of Finnish startups for over 20 years.

Entrepreneurship programs

Launch and Growth Track for Entrepreneurs

Skills and tools for setting up a company and running it successfully. Separate tracks for new entrepreneurs and more experienced entrepreneurs.

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Educating Future Entrepreneurs

Training teachers for empowering entrepreneurship education This course gives teachers practical tools and support in teaching entrepreneurship focusing on entrepreneurial […]

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Customer cases

Entrepreneurship training for Saudi youth

OEP has partnered with Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority Monsha’at and Saudi Ministry of Education to offer seven Saudi […]

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Entrepreneurship Growth Track Program in Saudi Arabia

In May 2018, OEP launched an Entrepreneurship Growth Track Program for Tawuniya for local SMEs in Saudi Arabia. The growth […]

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Entrepreneurship Launch Track in Uganda

In 2018-2019 OEP and Finn Church Aid organized an entrepreneurship launch track program at Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Uganda with […]

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