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Finland is a leading country in education, entrepreneurship and innovation. 98% of Finnish companies are SME’s and therefore we take the training of entrepreneurs seriously. The Finnish diploma program for entrepreneurs has contributed to the success of Finnish startups for over 20 years.

We support developing thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems by offering programs focusing on:

  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Setting up a business 
  • Growing an existing business

All tracks are recognized by the Finnish National Agency for Education and lead to competency-based diplomas.


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Our entrepreneurship programs

Launch and Growth Track for Entrepreneurs

The Finnish diploma program for entrepreneurs has contributed to the success of Finnish startups for over 20 years. Now this empowering program with two tracks, Launch and Growth, is available globally.

Choose the Launch Track if you are taking your first steps as an entrepreneur. If you already have a business and believe sky is the limit, the Growth Track is for you.


Launch Track

Prepares future entrepreneurs for the demands of running a business. The program focuses both on mindset and business development, supporting personal growth and the process of formulating an idea into a business.

The program builds on three core challenges:

      • developing a business plan
      • starting operations
      • productization

Growth Track

The Growth Track program prepares existing businesses for growth. It seeks to actively engage the participants, inspiring and supporting their growth ambitions. The program focuses on business analysis, growth strategies and developing a growth-orientated mindset.

The program builds on five core challenges:

      • growth hacking
      • service design
      • funding the growth path
      • matching marketing and sales with
      • your new strategy
      • growth leadership 

Both tracks are completed through six months of part-time studies including workshops, mentoring, e-learning and business development activities. Students are assessed based on acquired skills and competency. Program graduates receive the Finnish diploma for entrepreneurs, recognized globally. The program can be run at any location and local partners can be certified as implementors.

Educating Future Entrepreneurs

Training teachers for empowering entrepreneurship education. This course gives teachers practical tools and support in teaching entrepreneurship focusing on entrepreneurial competences and mindset. Participants receive a teaching guide and examples of student-centered, practice-based lesson plans to support implementation of the entrepreneurship course.

This course uses Finnish world-class student-centered methodology, and it is designed to boost creativity, digital, team and leadership skills as well as opening the mind to a future as an entrepreneur.

The recommended duration of the course is 50 hours.


Course Outline

    1. Introduction to the course
    2. My life path so far
    3. Entrepreneurial skills and strengths
    4. My future as an entrepreneur
    5. World of companies and startups
    6. Developing my business idea

The program includes:

      • Local teacher training 5 + 2 days
      • 2-day certification examination
      • Teaching manual, learning material and lesson plans
      • Optional assessment to Finnish standards leading to a Finnish diploma
      • Optional 4-day study visit to Finland

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