Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd (OEP) and  Saudi Small and Medium Enterprise Authority are cooperating to offer an entrepreneurship training track for 10-11th graders. The program will be offered to 120 female and male students in 2019.

The cooperation includes offering a Finnish module in selected schools, curriculum development, teacher training and digital course material tailored to the Saudi market. The hands on approach is built on weekly activities linking  students to the world of business and startups. The students will be jointly assessed according to the Finnish standards. The equivalent Finnish module is completed annually by over 30000 Finnish youth.

OEP’s CEO Mervi Jansson believes that entrepreneurship education and training should be one of the core focuses of Finnish education export.  There is a global need to create jobs, therefore employability skills are  not enough, the future calls for job creation. Youth need to see entrepreneurship as an inspiring career option. In Finland, where entrepreneurship is embedded into all levels of education, 98% of companies are small and medium size enterprises. ”We’ve developed a formula that works. Now we need to go global with this expertise” says Ms. Jansson.

OEP is the international commercial arm of four Finnish organizations with a high level of expertise in education and training, graduating over 10000 students annually.