OEP has partnered with Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority Monsha’at and Saudi Ministry of Education to offer seven Saudi high schools the opportunity to pilot entrepreneurship training. The collaboration includes curriculum development, teacher training, supported implementation of the modules in schools and course material tailored to the Saudi market.

The selected students are taking the two-module course to develop mindset and skills during 2019. The hands-on approach of the course is built on weekly activities, linking students to the world of business and startups.

The entrepreneurship course is based on two Finnish vocational entrepreneurship and working life skills modules. Assessment is done according to Finnish standards. Upon the completion of their studies, students will receive an Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education diploma.

Phase 1

  • Teacher training for Module 1: Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Implementation of Module 1 in schools (February – April  2019)
  • 132 students have successfully completed Module 1

Phase 2

  • Teacher training for Module 2: Planning an innovative business
  • Implementation of Module in schools (September – December 2019)


“I see my students encouraged more than before. We are so proud of our students.”

– Teacher

“To see the world of entrepreneurs in a different and realistic way, which gave me lots of new knowledge, experience, challenges.”

– Student

“The thing I like about this course that l enjoy learning , l feel excited about it.”

– Student

Find out more about the course and read participant comments at the Future Entrepreneurs site.


The entrepreneurship course is organized in cooperation with Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority Monsha’at and Saudi Ministry of Education.