Educating Future Entrepreneurs

This program gives teachers practical tools and support in teaching entrepreneurship, focusing on developing students’ entrepreneurial competencies and mindset.

 Using Finnish world-class student-centered methodology, the program is designed to boost students’ creativity, digital, team, and leadership skills and open the mind to a future as an entrepreneur. Participants receive a teaching guide and examples of student-centered, practice-based lesson plans to support teachers in delivering an entrepreneurship course to their students.

The recommended duration of the course is 50 hours.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the course
  • My life path so far
  • Entrepreneurial skills and strengths
  • My future as an entrepreneur
  • World of companies and startups
  • Developing my business idea

The program includes:

    • Local teacher training 5 + 2 days
    • 2-day certification examination
    • Teaching manual, learning material and lesson plans
    • Optional assessment to Finnish standards leading to a certificate
    • Optional 4-day study visit to Finland

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Overhead Shot Of High School Pupils In Group Study Around Tables