Specialist Qualification in Management

Specialist Qualification in Management

OEP’s Specialist Qualification in Management s a tailored ten-month part-time management program to support leadership. This leadership and management training gives a comprehensive understanding of how to lead an organization.

The program is an excellent learning journey for middle management teams or junior management with some leadership experience.

The program can be tailored to a specific sector or to corporate needs taking also the participants’ previous experience and skills into account. The required competence is demonstrated through projects and cases in one’s own work.

Specialist Qualification in Management provides core competencies for successful management

The program promotes coaching as a management style, solution-oriented management methods and developing  one’s own leadership. The following competences form the core of the program:

  • Analysis, planning and management of operations
  • Recognition of needs for change and areas for improvement
  • Implementation of development measures
  • Change management
  • Process and project management
  • Financial administration
  • Managment of networks