Online Learning Innovator

This course gives practical tools and support in introducing innovative online learning approaches within one’s organization. All participants build their own online course during the training and will be exposed to new ways of thinking and doing.

Participants will network, get support from other like-minded professionals and receive a practical toolbox to help their organizations in the process of change.

Module 1 – Engaging online learning

  • Introduction to innovative digital learning approaches
  • Benchmarking innovative digital learning solutions

Module 2 – From Ideas into Innovations

  • Identifying challenges in need of solutions
  • Defining the challenges and working out action plans

Module 3 – Turning Innovations into Practices

  • Enhancing the online learning process
  • Scaling and spreading good practice

Module 4 – Displaying the Results

  • Displaying results
  • Creating learning communities

Successful participants will receive a globally recognized diploma from Omnia, The Joint Authority of Education. Assessment is based on Finnish National Agency of Education standards.

Customer Cases

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Entrepreneurship training for Saudi youth

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Entrepreneurship Growth Track Program in Saudi Arabia

In May 2018, OEP launched an Entrepreneurship Growth Track Program for Tawuniya for local SMEs in Saudi Arabia. The growth […]

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Entrepreneurship Launch Track in Uganda

In 2018-2019 OEP and Finn Church Aid organized an entrepreneurship launch track program at Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Uganda with […]

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Sparking dialog on education in Palestine

OEP partnered with Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation (HQSF) for change within the Palestinian education ecosystem. The program – Khutwa, Sparking […]

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Onboarding program for future leaders

OEP implemented a competency-based leadership and management training as an onboarding program in Saudi Arabia in 2017–2018. The goal of […]

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