Game Industry Career Training

OEP offers a four-track program for bridging the gap between existing competence and game industry needs.

Finnish game education providers have worked in close cooperation with the game industry to create top-rated practices that match the competence needs of the game studios. Innovative interdisciplinary game training methods and work-based learning prepare the students for starting game studios and entering highly demanding positions in the industry.

Game Designer Track

Prepares students to work in a game designer or level designer role. Core learning objectives are: game genres and mechanics, innovative game design, creative management, game monetization.

Game Art Track

Prepares students for 3D modelling and animation topped up with basic knowledge in game engines and coding. Optionally students can focus on 2D game art and UI design.

Game Programmer Track

Prepares students for game play and graphics programming, using industry standard game engines as well as agile methods in software development projects.

Game Business Track

Prepares students for understanding the game business: brand design, monetization, marketing, startup financing and project management in game production.

During the 6-month intensive program, students are trained to industry standards, working with an entrepreneurial mindset in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams. Students learn to communicate effectively, set and measure goals, give feedback and take corrective action in projects when needed. All students work on industry projects during the training program.

Program graduates receive a Finnish diploma, recognized globally. The program can be run at any location with the required infrastructure and local partners can be certified as implementors.

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