Diploma for Entrepreneurs

OEP’s entrepreneurship diploma program  is a hands-on competency-based program with two tracks.

  • The launch track is for aspiring entrepreneurs,
  • while the growth track serves SMEs with high growth potential.

Both tracks support business and mindset development through a six to eight-month long part-time learning journey.

The participants are assessed according to Finnish standards and receive a diploma recognized in the EU and most OECD countries.

Launch track for new entrepreneurs

The launch track is designed for those in the process of founding a company. The program is a journey of growth on a personal level, preparing the entrepreneurs to meet the demands they face as the owner of a startup.

The to-be entrepreneurs are given support in i.e. registering their business, foreseeing that the business meets legislative requirements in its’ early operations, drafting a first-stage business plan and revising it after launching the business, productization, branding, financial planning and presenting the business to investors.

Growth track for experienced entrepreneurs

The growth track suits SME’s redefining and developing their existing business. It seeks to actively engage the participants, inspiring and supporting their growth ambitions.

The entrepreneurs learn to analyze their existing business and make a plan maximizing the business growth potential in the local environment. The program consists of i.e. identifying risks and opportunities, planning profitability and developing sales and marketing.