Educating Future Entrepreneurs

Training teachers for empowering entrepreneurship education

This course gives teachers practical tools and support in teaching entrepreneurship focusing on entrepreneurial competences and mindset. Participants receive a teaching guide and examples of student-centered, practice-based lesson plans to support implementation of the entrepreneurship course.

This course uses Finnish world-class student-centered methodology, and it is designed to boost creativity, digital, team and leadership skills as well as opening the mind to a future as an entrepreneur.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. My life path so far
  3. Entrepreneurial skills and strengths
  4. My future as an entrepreneur
  5. World of companies and startups
  6. Developing my business idea

The recommended duration of the course is 50 hours.

The program includes:

  • Local teacher training 5 + 2 days
  • 2-day certification examination
  • Teaching manual, learning material and lesson plans
  • Optional assessment to Finnish standards leading to a Finnish diploma
  • Optional 4-day study visit to Finland

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