Digital Innovation


Finland is a global leader in digitalization and home to companies such as Rovio, Supercell and Remedy, top names in the games industry, with an array of edtech and games startups in the making.

How did all this happen? In the Finnish education system, digital solutions are a part of the learning environment, with games and immersive virtual environments making learning more engaging. The importance of digital skills is acknowledged in all levels of curricula.

To support digital innovations around the world, we offer selected Finnish diploma programs globally.


Online Learning Innovator

This course gives practical tools and support in introducing innovative online learning approaches within one’s organization. All participants build their […]

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Teacher as a Digital Innovator

Finland is a leading country in education, workforce development and digital innovation. Finnish teachers take pride in being lifelong learners, […]

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Game Industry Career Training

OEP offers a four-track program for bridging the gap between existing competence and game industry needs. Finnish game education providers […]

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