In 2021 Omnia Education Partnerships and Ta’heal for VET Skills Excellence, Egypt, signed an agreement to introduce Finnish vocational programs, quality assurance and competence-based assessments to selected Applied Technology Schools in Egypt. Future graduates with Finnish vocational qualifications will meet high-level industry standards, allowing also for skills mobility to the EU as Finnish qualifications are widely recognized by employers. The aim of the joint  initiative is to support workforce development for national and international labor markets, and particularly focus on the green and blue economy. 

Furthermore, in 2021 OEP signed the memorandum of understanding between Nahdet Misr Group (NMG), Egypt. The memorandum of understanding officiates the strategic partnership to develop, retain and support large scale workforce development in several sectors in Egypt. The partnership utilizes leading edge digital solutions such as AI-based virtual assessment and smart digital learning environments to train and assess workforce competence. These training solutions promote high quality without foregoing scalability. Partnership projects will focus especially on supporting green and blue transition in sectors such as energy, construction, ICT, logistics, tourism, health and agriculture.

Audits of vocational schools, development programs with different institutes and discussions with policy makers are part of the process of developing vocational education and supporting large scale workforce development in Egypt. One of the strategies to reach these goals is the implementation of the Training the Trainers (ToT) model; training experienced experts, so that they can support institutions in many ways. Furthermore, OEP is working on creating adequate quality management and assessment systems in Egypt, in order to enhance transparency, transferability and reliability.

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OEP’s Mervi Jansson and Kari Mattila participating panel discussions at EduTech Egypt 2022 – The International Fair and Forum for Technical, Vocational, Dual Education System and Training “TVET”.