Entrepreneurship program in Uganda

Entrepreneurship diploma program in Uganda

OEP organised an entrepreneurship program for twenty participants in a refugee settlement in Uganda. The goal of this entrepreneurship diploma program was to offer the participants new opportunities for employment or further studies.

The local participants were also trained and certified as trainers who then continue training the program at refugee settlements. The entrepreneurship program is based on the Finnish Further Qualification in Entrepreneurship, and it follows the Finnish curriculum and assessment process.

Entrepreneurship program included

  • Work-based learning
  • Workshops and online assignments
  • Mentoring
  • Certification of trainers


“I had dreamed about entrepreneurship, but hesitated starting a company of my own. Thanks to this training, I had the courage to take the crucial step. Now I know how to take controlled risks and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.”

– Ms Doris Akampurira, participant

“Personally this diploma is a great achievement. People have preconceptions about refugees, and it is not easy to earn a living in a foreign country. Now I can apply to further education and work on my business ideas.”

– Mr Joseph Lohose, participant


This diploma program was organized in cooperation with FCA with UNHCR funding.