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OEP’s corporate training programs take business operations to the next level. Our programs support tackling the day-to-day challenges of the employees in the rapidly changing business environment.

We offer onboarding programs for new professionals as well as upskilling programs and career track boosters for experienced supervisors, industry professionals and managers.

In corporate training programs you learn what you need

Our in-company training programs, courses and professional qualification programs are tailored to both the company and individual needs. Learning is based on the present and future job requirements ensuring long-term competence.

Developing new skills at work

The corporate training programs bring learning to the workplace. All programs are part-time as goal-oriented work-based learning and hands-on projects are a part of the learning journey. The programs blend workshops, online learning and food for thought material.

Future leaders course

Launch and growth track for entrepreneurs

Game industry career training

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Our programs

Our corporate training programs

Future leaders course

Finland is a leading country in education, workforce development and innovation. Management and leadership skills are at the core of all successful organizations. Finland has invested in developing national curricula for upskilling managers and directors. OEP offers the programs, leading to globally recognized diplomas, to international participants.

The First-Level Management training upskills and empowers entry-level managers and new team leaders. The training in Management and Leadership supports experienced directors in developing leadership skills and strategic-level operations.


First-Level Management Diploma

A competency-based program focusing on skills, knowledge and competence required to effectively manage teams in all operations. The training provides tools for setting and measuring goals, improving communication skills, employee induction, identifiing development needs and planning team projects.

The program duration is six months and builds on three core modules:

      • Working as a Manager
      • Service Design for Customer Relations
      • Development Plan

Management and Leadership Diploma

A competency-based program focusing on skills, knowledge and competence required for strategic management of operations. The training provides tools for development of strategy and organizational processes, setting and achieving KPIs, human capital management and operating culture.

The program duration is eight months and builds on three core modules:

      • Strategic Management
      • Organizational Development and Leadership
      • Leading a Development Project 

Programs are completed through part-time studies including workshops, mentoring, e-learning and development activities within one’s areas of responsibility. Assessment is based on evaluating competence in applying program content to practice. Graduates receive Finnish diplomas, recognized globally.

The programs can be tailored to a specific sector and organized as corporate training, run at any location. Local partners can be certified as implementors.

Launch and Growth Track for Entrepreneurs

The Finnish diploma program for entrepreneurs has contributed to the success of Finnish startups for over 20 years. Now this empowering program with two tracks, Launch and Growth, is available globally.

Choose the Launch Track if you are taking your first steps as an entrepreneur. If you already have a business and believe sky is the limit, the Growth Track is for you.


Launch Track

Prepares future entrepreneurs for the demands of running a business. The program focuses both on mindset and business development, supporting personal growth and the process of formulating an idea into a business.

The program builds on three core challenges:

      • developing a business plan
      • starting operations
      • productization

Growth Track

The Growth Track program prepares existing businesses for growth. It seeks to actively engage the participants, inspiring and supporting their growth ambitions. The program focuses on business analysis, growth strategies and developing a growth-orientated mindset.

The program builds on five core challenges:

      • growth hacking
      • service design
      • funding the growth path
      • matching marketing and sales with
      • your new strategy
      • growth leadership 

Both tracks are completed through six months of part-time studies including workshops, mentoring, e-learning and business development activities. Students are assessed based on acquired skills and competency. Program graduates receive the Finnish diploma for entrepreneurs, recognized globally. The program can be run at any location and local partners can be certified as implementors.

Game Industry Career Training

OEP offers a program for bridging the gap between existing competence and game industry needs.

Finnish game education providers have worked in close cooperation with the game industry to create top-rated practices that match the competence needs of the game studios. Innovative interdisciplinary game training methods and work-based learning prepare the students for starting game studios and entering highly demanding positions in the industry.

Game Professionals Track

Prepares students to work in a game designer, level designer or game management role, and understanding the game business: brand design, monetization, marketing, startup financing and project management in game production. Core learning objectives are: creative management, game monetization, marketing in game industry.


During the intensive program, students are trained to industry standards, working with an entrepreneurial mindset in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams. Students learn to communicate effectively, set and measure goals, give feedback and take corrective action in projects when needed. All students work on industry projects during the training program.

Program graduates receive a Finnish diploma, recognized globally. The program can be run at any location with the required infrastructure and local partners can be certified as implementors.


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