About the project:

We are looking for a company to carry out video production for an educational project in vocational education and training in June and August 2022. The video production is part of Omnia Education Partnership’s support for the Ukrainian reform and rebuilding of vocational education and training, carried out within the EU4Skills Program. In 2021 OEP together with its partners contributed to developing competence based modular curricula, teacher training and manager training in Ukraine.

The project consists of 20 modules, each of them takes about 6-8 hours to complete. The modules include various learning content: videos, reading, assignments, etc. The majority of the modules  are in the field of Construction so there will be a lot of practical content. Primary module language is Finnish, however some of the modules will be in English. 

The project is run by OEP in collaboration with Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo region and Haaga-Helia teachers who will be delivering the content. 

Video production needs: 

The video production part of the project consists of two separate parts and we require a subcontractor to apply only for either one of them. 

Part A. Filming interviews at a pop studio:

Our initial plan is to film about 30 interview videos of 5 min length each. We estimate that this will take approximately 3 full days to film. Location: Omnia Education Partnerships premises

Part B. Filming demonstration videos, including 360 videos:

Approximately 8 videos of 3 min each per module.  We estimate this will take approximately 15-18 full days to film. We expect a video production company to take part in writing scripts together with Omnia teachers who will provide the content. Location: Omnia campus + Omnia constructions sites


Pre-production will take place in June and August 2022. The shooting days for both parts A and B will happen mostly in August-September. However, there might be some shooting days in October too. Post-production needs to happen in August-October. 

This is an initial plan in terms of workload for the video production company so we hope to get a flexible offer in case in the end there will be more or less video production days. 

The offers:

If you are interested, please select either a part A or part B and send us an offer to info@oep.fi by the 20th of May specifying the following:

  • experience in a specific kind of educational video production what you are sending an offer for
  • price
  • availability

For more information, please contact Digital Learning Manager Yulia Guseva: +358 50 574 7258, yulia.guseva@oep.fi.