Finland has been one of the four countries jointly implementing the EU4Skills project focusing on modernization of Ukrainian vocational education and training as well as supporting the rebuilding of Ukraine. The EU4Skills project implementation finished 31 March 2023. The Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) led consortium has been the technical partner to EDUFI in implementing core result areas; VET teacher and school manager training, curriculum development and supporting rebuilding through a diverse portfolio of 33 online courses ranging from cyber security, first aid to greening and innovation in VET.

Following the ending of the EU4Skills project implementation, the VET Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) in Ukraine raised the need to continued support in order to fully to utilize the 33 online courses and further develop the new ministry run platform offering online material to all Ukrainian VET schools. Up to date over 19000 Ukrainian school managers, teachers, and VET students have enrolled in the online courses and over 12000 have received a course certificate. As the financing of the project ended, the continuation of certification and support to MoES by the Finnish partners was at risk to end.

At this critical moment, Finn Church Aid (FCA) one of the shareholders of OEP, was able to source financing for a bridge project allowing for the continuation of the online training and certifications as well as supporting MoES in further development of their online platform. The FCA OEP Bridge project will ensure that all Ukrainian VET schools will have continued access to the courses and certification. The project is anticipated to run until the end of October 2023 and will be followed by the next wave of educational projects financed by Finland.


For more information about the EU4Skills project, please contact Mervi Jansson (CEO).

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