What are the building blocks of vocational excellence? How can we analyze and measure excellence to support the TVET community in developing the quality of education and training?

In the latest issue of the Online Journal for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Asia (TVET@Asia), we had the pleasure of presenting OEP’s model for analyzing and developing vocational excellence. Based on recent research and our consultancy work in TVET, our article “Analyzing vocational excellence: a research-based model” describes a comprehensive framework intended to guide TVET providers on their journey toward excellence.

This new framework, the VET Excellence Model, enables practitioners and policymakers in TVET to reflect on the building blocks contributing to excellence and their interrelations, as well as to identify improvement areas. Our approach comprises horizontal dimensions consisting of more traditional building blocks of excellence (infrastructure, human resources, pedagogical landscape, systems and processes, and stakeholder collaboration) combined with vertical “megatrend” dimensions of excellence: innovation, greening, and digitalization.

To achieve the desired level of excellence, we argue that it’s crucial to understand how these vertical aspects influence each horizontal layer. When applying this model, achieving excellence becomes a holistic process in which continuous improvement and public-public and public-private collaboration at the national and international levels play a significant role.

For a more in-depth description of the VET Excellence Model and the research that has informed our framework, please read our article or watch the video presentation below to learn more!

As a technical partner to the European Training Foundation (ETF), OEP has also supported the excellence agenda as part of the ETF Network for Excellence initiative. The collaboration included a baseline study (2021) and a follow-up study (2023) focusing on the working processes and key practices of CoVEs for advancing autonomy and public-private partnerships. Read more about our recent collaboration with the ETF on vocational excellence.

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