UNESCO-UNEVOC / Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd.

Omnia Education Partnerships is in charge of designing and facilitating the UNESCO-UNEVOC capacity-building programme Entrepreneurial learning for disadvantaged youth, launched in May 2022. The programme aims at capaciting teachers and management of TVET institutions with skills and knowledge that are required to design and deliver entrepreneurial learning programmes for disadvantaged youth. Training TVET institutions about the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of delivering entrepreneurial learning for disadvantaged youth is at the core of the capacity-building programme, together with localized approach, i.e., observing the discussed themes and topics from the perspective of local challenges and out-of-school youth groups. 

The piloting capacity-building programme has gathered together over 40 TVET managers and teachers from Tanzania, Kenya, Philippines, Indonesia and Mauritius, to learn together how to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset and skills among disadvantaged youth, and bring them back into the economic mainstream, while also giving them a sense of meaning and belonging.

The COVID-19 pandemic is intensifying gaps between those who do and do not have access to jobs or education. Furthermore, disrupted labour markets have resulted in a decreased hiring, which affects especially youth and those already disadvantaged.  Girls and women in particular will face challenges in returning to work after the pandemic, with studies suggesting that fewer women than men will regain employment during the COVID-19 recovery. Given the turmoil and uncertainty, there is a need for supporting job creation. One way to support young people to overcome the risk of un- and underemployment is to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. TVET can play an important role in boosting entrepreneurial learning and job creation. 

The capacity-building programme consists of the following four modules: knowledge, mindset, skills and reflection:

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